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Sales for Non-Sales People: Online

Students will learn how to create a lead cycle for their business, understand the psychology of meetings and how to automate their sales process.

In this course we will break down the sales process using digital software and an automated flow giving entrepreneurs and corporate individuals more confidence in managing leads and closing deals.

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Digital Content and Development

Students will gain practical skills in customising design templates, using design software and apps as well as creating a content marketing strategy in line with the brand identity.

In this 4 week course, you will learn how to create content for your digital marketing strategy. Using design software and applications you will learn how to create content efficiently and quickly whilst maintaining a consistent brand story.

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Digital Marketing

Students will be able to plan a cost-efficient marketing strategy for their business and understand the different software and tools to help them create and track this.

This 5-week course is suitable for both corporate and entrepreneurial individuals looking to gain an in-depth understanding of digital marketing allowing them to increase web traffic, leads and sales for their business.

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Launching a Digital Business

All Students will learn the basics of creating their first e-commerce website and how to generate/ increase traffic and sales.

This course is the ideal way to learn how to launch a new or existing business online. The course runs over 4 weeks/ lessons and allows students and entrepreneurs a hands on approach on different elements including developing an online business model, creating your identity and website, driving more traffic to your website through digital marketing and maintaining long term relationships and ensuring repeat purchases.

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