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They will learn the unique programming interface, in the form of tiles, makes the game child-friendly and allows children to work in teams which fosters teamwork, group logical thinking and effecti...

This course involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, loops, conditionals to variables and functions, it can be used as a basic tool to introduce and teach programming.

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Toddlers Can Code

Toddlers will be able to learn the basics of computing, create a digital story and understand what computers are made of.

In this course, we introduce children to their first interaction with computers and programming. They will be able to understand the world around them by decoding it and developing an intuitive type of thinking.  Students will learn essential computer skills and program characters in games such as Bitsbox, LightBot Jr., go past coding challenges in the Code Studio (studio.code.org) activities and, harness their creativity through many digital platforms.

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